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A Memorable Italian Dining Experience at Bacco Wine Cafe


Located in Melbourne, this cozy Italian eatery and wine café knows how to cook authentic Italian food. The owners and chefs, Loris and Raffaella came to the United States from the Italian Riviera Liguria region in 1999, opened Bacco Wine Cafe a year later and have been serving up the tastiest Italian cuisine since.


Don’t let the location fool you; Loris and Raffaella run and operate this ristorante much like one would find in the neighborhoods of their hometown in the Italian Riviera. All of their authentic recipes and cooking methods originate from Italy. Although they are using traditional Italian cooking techniques, the restaurant offers a modern atmosphere and elegant dining experience.

Bacco Wine Cafe’s aspiration is to provide guests with a “memorable Italian dining experience” that focuses on serving delectable dishes from Italy. Since the opening of the restaurant, it has become one of the most popular Italian restaurants on the Space Coast, attracting new customers and bringing back the loyal regulars every day.


The dining room is filled with elegant décor, with a mix of modern music softly being played in the background. While waiting for your meal, try some of the fine Italian wine Bacco Wine Cafe has to offer. They carefully prepare fresh pasta, pizza, soups, salads and desserts fresh each day with the highest quality ingredients.

Start out your meal with bruschetta tricolore, which is toasted bread brushed with garlic butter, topped with goat cheese, pesto and freshly diced tomatoes. Enjoy some of the restaurant’s favorites including spaghetti alle vongole with Manila clams, and a savory garlic white wine sauce.

BaccoWineCafe3Another favorite on the menu is the ravioli alla creama di salmone. These perfect bite-sized raviolis are topped with a creamy smoked salmon sauce and cooked to perfection. The classic Italian meal includes more than one course, and the second main dishes in an Italian meal usually include meat, poultry or fish, with a side of vegetables. Try the beef tenderloin in a green peppercorn cream sauce, or the chicken rolle’ with cheese and ham in an orange Cointreau sauce.


No matter what you choose for your first and second course, don’t skip dessert. Bacco Wine Cafe takes dessert to a whole new level. The desserts are fresh, simply prepared and inspired from the desserts Loris and Raffaella used to have in their hometown in Italy. Chocolate fans must try the mousse di ciccolato fondenta; a thick, smooth and fluffy dark chocolate mousse.

Bacco Wine Cafe is your best bet on the Space Coast for authentic Italian food. Loris and Raffaella undoubtedly know what they’re doing in the kitchen, and know how to make their guests feel at home. Bacco Wine Cafe is definitely worth checking out.

For more information please visit or call (321) 259-3456

By Staff Writer, Alyssa Brady

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