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Booze Clues: How to Cure a Hangover

How to Cure a Hangover

Hangovers. We’ve all had one a time or two and waking up with a hangover can be one of the most unpleasant experiences. Whether your head is pounding, your stomach is turning or you’ve got the shakes, it seems like anything would be worth the price if escaping the pain of last night’s drinking. The most obvious way to avoid a hangover is to avoid drinking too much the night before, but we understand that with all of the holiday parties going on, you’re bound to get a hangover sooner or later. Here’s our complete guide on how to cure a hangover.

1. Drink water

A great way to get a hangover is not drinking enough water. Keeping your body hydrated pre/post-party and the morning after will help you feel better. Coconut water is another great option to get re-hydrated because of its natural electrolytes and natural salts. Drink up!

2. Eat up

While your first instinct may to be reach for a greasy slice of pizza or some fries, there are other foods that will fight your hangover more effectively. Bananas are a great way to help ease the pain of your hangover because of the B6 and potassium in them. When you think your stomach is ready to handle something, try some eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, which is an amino acid that breaks down the alcohol in your body and reduces toxicity. Bland snacks like toast and crackers are best for boosting your blood sugar and settling an upset stomach.

3. Take your vitamins

Taking a B-vitamin supplement before drinking and the morning after will help lessen your hangover symptoms because it restores the B vitamin your body. The best way to avoid getting a hangover is to take your vitamins beforehand, but if you’ve already missed that opportunity just take them when you wake up. It’s better late than never! The same goes for vitamin C and magnesium.

4. Sweat it out

Going for a run or lifting weights while you’re hungover with a raging headache may sound like a special form of torture, but it will actually make you feel better afterwards. Exercising while you’re hungover helps you sweat out some of the toxins from the night before. Before your work out eat a meal with carbs, like oatmeal or toast, and drink a cup of coffee. More importantly, drink a lot of water before, during and after your workout. Take an easy jog on the treadmill or lift some weights, but be sure not to overexert yourself. Once your workout is complete you’ll feel (almost) as good as new!

5. Sleep it off

How to Cure a Hangover1

Sometimes the best option to get rid of that pesky hangover is to sleep it off, especially if you slept poorly the night before. Sleep deprivation alone won’t cause a hangover, but it can definitely make the symptoms worse. If you’ve tried all of the other hangover remedies and still don’t feel good it’s time to go back to bed. Time heals all wounds, including hangovers.

By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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