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Chicago-Style Hot Dogs at Slingers in Cocoa Beach


Since the New Year began, Cocoa Beach has welcomed its newest restaurant – Slingers, whipping up some of the most delicious hot dogs in Brevard. This easy-to-miss storefront might just be the city’s most civilized dog spot. You can order inside or outside at their petite counter and then take a seat on the well-decorated and lush patio. Before you know it, your dog is delivered.

The draw is simple – classic all-beef hot dogs that are covered in the toppings you love. One thing that customers can’t get enough of at Slingers is their Chicago Dog. Just like you’d expect them to be in the Windy City, these jumbo all-beef dogs are tucked into a warm poppy seed bun, topped with bright green relish, a crisp pickle wedge, tomato slices, white onion and yellow mustard, with a dash of celery salt. Make it a combo and add chips and a drink for only a few more cents.

SlingersCocoaBeach2Another unique dog at Slingers is their “Polish,” which is a steamed Polish sausage, crowned with white onions and yellow mustard. Have it the Slingers way by adding a pickle wedge and sport peppers.

Two words: gravy bread. One thing most Floridians have probably never had the pleasure of tasting before is gravy bread. This heavenly treat is 6 inches of soft hoagie bread dipped in warm Au Jus sauce. Add sport peppers for an extra kick.

Each hot dog at Slingers, in Cocoa Beach, brings something different to the table. Rest assured there is no shortage of great hot dogs at this Chicago-style eatery. The staff is friendly, the food is good and the dogs are cheap. What more could you ask for?

For more information please visit Slingers’ Facebook page:

Or call (773) 793-8210

By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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