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Fat Kahuna’s: Coupling Comfort Food with Healthy Ingredients

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Don’t let this restaurant’s petite layout fool you. Fat Kahuna’s, in Downtown Cocoa Beach, is known for their delectable and tastefully fresh dishes, tropical atmosphere and welcoming staff.

The décor is appropriately elegant and casually modern, with a pleasant tropical charm. The staff greets you the moment you walk in with warm smile and knows the true meaning of “aloha.”

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The real star of the show at Fat Kahuna’s is the food. Their menu has earned them the reputation of having some of the best food in Cocoa Beach.

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Fat Kahuna’s gives a whole new meaning to the term “comfort food.” This restaurant is changing the game by preparing food with the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Although all of the ingredients used in Fat Kahuna’s menu are healthy, your taste buds will be fooled into thinking you are eating the most delectable comfort food.

Many of items on the menu are inspired by Hawaii and the tropics, where the owners, Dewey and Kat, lived for 15 years.

The way Fat Kahuna’s perfectly pieces their dishes together and elegantly presents them should be considered a form of art.

A few of the local’s favorites at Fat Kahuna’s include the coconut shrimp, tempura-battered green beans, luau style pulled pork sandwich, mahi mahi tacos, coconut rice and seared ahi tuna.

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Their entrees include your choice of mahi-mahi, spice-soaked blackened shark, chicken breast, and plump white shrimp – served either blackened, tempura fried or char-grilled.

All entrees are served with a warm mound of coconut rice (that is out-of-this-world), pine-mango slaw and fresh vegetables.

At Fat Kahuna’s in Downtown Cocoa Beach, they know how to make fresh food with quality ingredients, and once you’ve had a bite, you won’t want to go to lunch or dinner anywhere else.

Fat Kahuna’s sets the standard of what comfort food should taste like.

For more information please visit: or call (321) 783-6858

By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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