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Lost Shirt Brewing Company

Opening Melbourne, fall 2016, Lost Shirt Brewing Company is a startup nano-brewing company that seeks to provide an experience that breaks the traditional craft beer models. The brewers and staff over at Lost Shirt desire to appeal to a wide-variety of beer palates and preferences, while allowing the customers to explore outside their usual brew flavors.

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Led by brewmasters, Johann Brockhausen and Mark Reed, Lost Shirt Brewing Company is creating extraordinary craft beers designed for every palate.

Lost Shirt Brewing Company comes from very simple beginnings. They started off as a hobby-brewer, like many other craft breweries. One of their directors purchased a brewing kit from a local home brewing supply store. Quickly it became their obsession to create great beers that friends and family would enjoy.

Some of their creations include:

  • Tocino Loco- Bacon Maple Wheat
  • Blonds and Reds- Strawberry Blond Ale
  • Lost My Shirt- Citrus Pale Ale
  • Peculiar Pale-  Mango Infused Pale Ale
  • What Up Pumpkin? Pumpkin Ale
  • East Wind Honey Ale- Bitter Barleywine
  • One-Eyed Jack- Bourbon Barrel Ale
  • Pop the Cherry- Strong Cherry Wheat

Lost Shirt Brewing Company | 7025 Industrial Rd, West Melbourne, FL 32904