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Matt’s Casbah: Exceeding Your Highest Expectations

Matts Casbah

If you’re in the mood to spend the afternoon enjoying lunch al fresco outside on the patio, or want to have a romantic dinner in the art-filled dining room, Matt’s Casbah grants their guest’s every wish.

Located in the heart of historic Downtown Melbourne, Matt’s Casbah has a different atmosphere in each room and a wide variety of food and drinks to suit each guest.

Formerly known as Pop’s Casbah, the restaurant has an outdoor patio, an indoor and outdoor bar, a sushi bar, a dining room, a wine cellar and an after-hours club.

Matts Casbah-3

After Matt Nugnes took over Pop’s Casbah, he transformed the vacant landmark into one of the most successful restaurants on the Space Coast.

Matt kept some of the original pieces of artwork, added some new, trendy features and transformed the restaurant into a modern masterpiece.

Matts Casbah-2

Not only is the décor unforgettable and dazzling, but Matt’s food is the real star of the show.

With everything from sushi and salads to pizza and pastas, the culinary journey at Matt’s Casbah never ends.

Matt’s Casbah takes cooking techniques from all over the world and blends them into unique dishes made to exceed your highest expectations.

Before the main course, Matt’s has a variety of gourmet appetizers like crunchy pork dumplings with sweet chili dipping sauce, or baked crab and shrimp au gratin with colored corn chips.

Matts Casbah-4

Grab a seat at the sushi bar and enjoy some of the best sushi on the Space Coast. Matt’s sushi is outstanding, colorful and inventive.

The dinner entrees are where Matt’s signature cooking style shines the brightest.

Try the garlic seared grand bank sea scallops, with a sweet and sour tamarind, garlic and chili holy basil sauce or some grilled shrimp glazed with blond miso and sake.

If you’re not in the mood for seafood, that’s okay! Matt’s has amazing pasta and meat entrees.

One of the local’s favorite entrees is the chicken with sundried tomato pesto, hearts of palm, mint, Kalamata olives, capers and a touch of lemon.

Not only does Matt’s Casbah have incredible food, but they also have an amazing drink selection and wine list.

Matts Casbah-5

The wine list includes wines from France, Spain, Italy and California, and offers wine choices to suit every palate.

Matt’s Casbah is open seven days a week and features live music on the patio, Tuesday through Saturday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Matts Casbah-1

From a casual lunch and a fancy dinner to drinks and a party on the weekend, Matt’s Casbah has something for everyone.

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By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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