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Port Canaveral: Brewmaster’s Home Brewer’s Showcase

Raise your glass of locally handcrafted beer to toast the Brewmaster’s Invitational Home Brewer’s Showcase. Gather your beer-loving pals and have a taste of craft brews that have been exclusively made by local brewers from around Central Florida, on April 2 at the Brewmaster’s Invitational Beer Festival, in Port Canaveral.

The Home Brewer’s Showcase, presented by Brewmaster’s Invitational Beer Festival, will feature home brewed beers and ciders created by local brewers from around the state. The showcase will be open from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. when the Brewmaster’s Invitational Beer Festival begins. Local residents and breweries will be able to taste some of the finest craft beers created by home brewers who have a passion for good beer.

Homebrewer's Showcase

Home brewers are encouraged to come out and bring their best beers with them to showcase at this year’s Brewmaster’s Invitational Beer Festival. If you’re a home brewer and interested in participating in the Home Brewer’s Showcase be sure to register online at

For more information about the Brewmaster’s Home Brewer’s Showcase or Brewmaster’s Invitational Beer Festival, please visit or call (321) 613-4805.

Tickets to Brewmaster’s Invitational Beer Festival can be purchased online at

By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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