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The Ultimate Summer Cocktail: Blueberry Vodka Lemonade

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As each day passes by it feels like the summer heat is only getting worse. When I think of summer, I think of sipping on a refreshing drink, while lounging poolside.

One of the first drinks that come to mind when thinking about summertime is lemonade; it’s sweet, tangy and refreshing.

Vodka Lemonade

What can make a classic American drink like lemonade even better? The answer is simple; vodka and blueberries!

Remember when you were a kid you would get super excited when Mom was making lemonade? Well, now you can get that same excitement all over again with this blueberry infused vodka lemonade.

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This vodka lemonade recipe isn’t like anything you’ve ever tasted before. The tartness from the lemon couples perfectly with the sweetness from the blueberries.

There are many vodka lemonade recipes that require homemade simple syrup and squeezing a dozen lemons, but not this vodka lemonade.

With a total prep time of four minutes, you will be enjoying the sweet and tangy vodka lemonade before you know it!

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Ingredients (serves two):

  • 4 oz. of blueberry vodka
  • 6 oz. of lemonade (you can use homemade or pre-made lemonade, it’s up to you!)
  • 2 slices of fresh lemon
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • Ice cubes

Vodka Lemonade-4


  1. Drop some ice cubes into your glass. You can freeze blueberries in the ice cubes for presentation.
  2. Pour in the blueberry vodka and lemonade. Add alcohol to taste and stir.
  3. Garnish drink with a slice of lemon and sprinkle in a few blueberries. Sip, lounge poolside and enjoy!

By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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