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Upscale Chinese Food and Elegant Dining at Red Ginger


Tucked away in the Melbourne Square Mall, Red Ginger isn’t like other Chinese restaurants you’ve been to in the past. The restaurant offers some of the most elegant and finer dining experiences that the county has to offer.

The dining scene at Red Ginger is a refreshing change from other restaurants on the Space Coast. With elegant décor and candle-lit dining, this is the perfect spot for a romantic night out with your significant other.


The food at Red Ginger is pure bliss and once you have a bite, it’ll be like you’re tasting Chinese food for the first time.


Before your meal, order one of the unique appetizers, like the spicy dumplings in peanut dressing, the avocado stuffed with creamy crab meat and spicy sauce or the baked mussels in a white cream sauce.

Don’t fill up too fast because the entrees are something that can’t be missed.

The best part about Red Ginger’s menu is that they have every dish you could ever dream of; from seafood, chicken and noodles to juicy pork, beef and duck.

Try the Chilean Sea Bass marinated with Japanese cooking wine, served over a bed of savory pan-friend noodles or the jumbo shrimp, infused with a rum teriyaki sauce with fresh orange segments, bell peppers and snow peas.

A popular dish at Red Ginger is the peeking duck, which is a boneless duck wrapped in four thin Chinese pancakes, served with a delectable plum sauce and sauteed scallions.


If you prefer Japanese food over Chinese food, you don’t even have to leave the restaurant! Red Ginger has it all.

Red Ginger has a menu dedicated to Japanese food, and words can’t do justice of how good their Japanese food is.

The menu is simple, and designed so you can spend less time reading and more time enjoying the food.

Fresh tuna, crab, salmon, shrimp, and yellowtail are layered over warm white rice and sprinkled with the perfect toppings to ensure a flawless combination of flavors.

Red Ginger is your go-to spot for elegant dining, modern décor and upscale Chinese soul food and sushi.

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By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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