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Where to Drink the Best Coffee in Brevard

Ah – there’s nothing like the first sip of coffee. Sometimes it’s nice to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and relax; or sometimes it’s nice to drink a 20oz coffee and get a week’s worth of work done in one sitting. Whichever you prefer, here’s our guide on where to drink the best tea and coffee in Brevard.

Cocoa Beach

Cafe Surfinista

best-coffee-tea-shops-in-brevard-cafe-surfinistaIf you look up “hip, funky, laidback spot for coffee and snacks” in the dictionary, Café Surfinista’s picture would be right next to it. Café Surfinista is a great place to go if you’re looking to enjoy some good coffee, and spend the afternoon hanging out, playing ping pong, or getting some work done on your computer.

The locals will tell you everything on the menu is wonderful, including the coffee, smoothies and acai bowls.


Wahoo Coffee

best-coffee-tea-shops-in-brevard-wahoo-coffee-companyWahoo Coffee takes coffee to the next level; the coffee is organic, finely crafted and delicious. They roast their own beans and have the largest selection of organic-gourmet coffee beans on the Space Coast. The outdoor atmosphere is cozy and trendy; the perfect spot to hang out with friends. Wahoo Coffee’s menu consists of all the coffee-shop-favorites, plus some unique drinks including butter coffee, and nitro coffee.

Juice N Java Café

best-coffee-tea-shops-in-brevard-juice-n-javaThe minute you walk through the door, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee consumes you. Juice N Java Café has all of the classics and espresso favorites, whcih you can get hot or iced. Their spiced chai tea latte is the perfect combination of sweet and cinnamon-y (totally not a real word, that’s OK). Choose from an espresso, loco cocoa latte, café mocha, loose leaf tea latte, cappuccino or whatever caffeine your little heart desires.

Cocoa Village / Cocoa

Lazy Bean Coffee Company

lazy-beanLazy Bean Coffee Company, in Cocoa Village, is the definition of a hidden gem. Good food, cozy atmosphere and great coffee. They have a handful of classic and specialty flavors: white chocolate macadamia, banana mocha, cinnabon, peanut butter cup and more. If you’re stopping by around lunchtime, make sure to order one of their scrumptious deli or grilled sandwiches; the chicken salad sandwiches and the oven-baked turkey club are some of the local favorites.

Ossorio Bakery & Café


Ossorio Bakery & Café, located in Cocoa Village, is a popular coffee shop and café that serves a variety of coffee, tea, flatbreads, handmade ice creams and pastries, made with quality ingredients.

When it comes to coffee, Ossorio Bakery & Cafe knows what’s up. Even the pickiest coffee drinkers will tell you the coffee is delicious. If you’re a tea person, check out their white lion hot teas.


Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee

best-coffee-tea-shops-in-brevard-sugar-shackIf there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that donuts and coffee go hand in hand. Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee has the best of both worlds; however, everything is “to go” at Sugar Shack, so you can’t sit down and enjoy your coffee there.

This trendy little place has a wide variety of coffee and donuts that are definitely worth giving a try. As Homer Simpson would say, “mmmm, donuts.”

Port St. John

Port St. Java

best-coffee-tea-shops-in-brevard-port-st-javaIf you don’t live in the area, Port St. Java may be a little bit of a trek, but it’s well worth it. Locals will tell you they’ve been going to Port St. Java every morning for the past two years because their coffee and breakfast are that good.

If you’re an espresso fan, you’ve come to the right place. Port St. Java has an extensive menu of coffee and food. Sit down on one of their big, comfy couches and really enjoy your coffee. What’s the rush?


Anaya Coffee

best-coffee-tea-shops-in-brevard-anaya-coffee1Anaya Coffee is one of the most loved businesses in Melbourne, and one of the only specialty coffee shops in town. Coffee aficionados will tell you this place is the real deal. Anaya Coffee focuses on “handcrafted coffee as a gateway to an enhanced experience,” according to their website. Cold brews, teas, pour overs, lattes and more; Anaya is the perfect combination of gourmet coffee, friendly staff and a trendy/laid back atmosphere.

The 905 Café



There’s much more to the 905 Café than meets the eye. Located in downtown Melbourne, the 905 Café is always serving coffee with a smile.

Don’t let the size fool you; this coffee shop may be tiny, but they’re making it up for it with their big coffee flavors. Melbourne residents will tell you this is the best coffee in town.


Check back for updates and more info on where to drink the best coffee in Brevard. If you don’t see your favorite place to drink coffee in Brevard, comment below and let us know!

By Alyssa Brady, Staff Writer

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