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Port Canaveral's 65th Anniversary Photo Contest

The Port is calling you and your talent!

Calling all amatuer photographers of all ages! The people of Port Canaveral have an exciting opportunity lined up for you and your talent. Celebrating 65 years of The Port, photographers trying to make a name for themselves are invited to go around and capture what makes this area so special!

65th Anniversary Photo Contest

Until September 30th, any and all photographers are being asked to send in up to 3 original photographs to illustrate the beauty of The Port. With categories falling in the lines of: cruise, cargo, fishing/ boating/ recreation, environmental, and space there is countless amounts of shots waiting to be taken! Each photo submitted MUST be created by the entrant. Each photo should be entered online with a signed entry form with each picture. Anyone recognizable in the photographs must have a signed model release included in their entry. Any forms incomplete will not be accepted and the photo will not be included in judging.

How will you be judged?

The judges consist of a volunteer panel with 5 judges. From those 5 judges they will pick 3 winners for each of the 5 categories: 1st place, 2nd place, and honorable mention. Your photographs will be judged on impact, creativity, composition, and storytelling.

When you win!

The winners will be announced on November 3rd. On November 4th, the Port’s 65th anniversary, the winning images will be displayed at an exhibition and then around the whole area throughout the coming year. We are super excited to be able to showcase your talent to our amazing community. Contest rules and forms are available at:   Port Canaveral's 65th Anniversary Photo Contest

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